Monday, July 25, 2016

War and Peace

When you've tired of the battle
I will trace your many scars
Gently, gently with my fingers
Never hardened in a war

I will offer you some water
I will offer you some wine
I will take you to my bed
Where you can quench this thirst of mine

If we lie tangled together
Damp with sweat beneath the sheets
Can we forget for just a moment
All the secrets that we keep

I will smile into your neck
I will offer you my throat
Gently, gently now my lover
This fire ignites my very soul

If we clench our fingers tightly
Hold each other in a gaze
Can we keep the war from coming in
And make a love that stays

Can we lose ourselves forever
Drunk on sweaty, salty bliss
Or will the drums of war intrude again
Until we question this

Will you whisper to me gently
Will you softly say my name
Will you learn to lose yourself with me
To find what we might gain

If our hearts could beat together
Could they drown the drums of war
Gently, gently move together
Until all that's left is love

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