Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Can't Remember: A Poem

I wrote this a few months back and decided to share it, finally.  I wrote it thinking of someone I knew a very long time ago and then was surprised to run into that person not long after writing it.  Sometimes, writing feels like an invocation, a spell, that has the power to make things happen in the real world.  This is one of those times for me.

I can’t remember a single conversation we ever had
I sat here and tried
But I can’t think of one

I can’t remember the way we made love
Or why it felt so right
I can’t explain it

All I can remember is the way my heart skipped a beat every time you walked into a room

All I can remember is the sound of my name on your lips whispered quietly into my ear as we lay in bed together

All I can remember is your smile, and the way everything else in the world melted away when you were near

Love isn't something we can grab hold of, stick in a jar and preserve for later

Love is fleeting

It’s the moment when your eyes met mine and my whole body lit up with electricity

I knew then that you felt it, too

Now, I’m not sure anymore because the memories are gone

I have nothing to tell me it was real

I have nothing to tell me if your heart still aches sometimes, lying in bed with someone else all these years later

Our bodies always knew better than our minds

We could never be in the same room without feeling it

We could never be alone without touching

My lips always found their way to yours

Our clothes always found their way to the floor

I can’t remember the first time we made love
I’m surprised to realize that
But I can’t remember

I can’t remember

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